Nov 3, 2011

National award for Corporate Social Responsibility granted to Alkaloid AD Skopje for FairWild Standard project

2010 National corporate social responsibility awards were also granted this year by the National Corporate Social Responsibility Coordination Body (NCSRCB).

Out of the total number of 38 companies and 63 projects that competed, Alkaloid AD Skopje won the first prize in the category of Ethical Management for the “project FairWild Standard – a crown of 75-year long tradition of high values.”

FairWild Standard confirms the raising of environmental, social and economic aspects of practices, by implementing the long experience and tradition as well as through dedication to impeccable management of resources, with particular reference to their sustainable use.

National award for corporate social responsibility has been granted to companies in the Republic of Macedonia for the fourth time.

This year, the Award is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Project in the Republic of Macedonia, co-financed by the European Union, implemented by the Ministry of Economics, in partnership with Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation, the Association of Chambers of Commerce in Macedonia and “Connect” Association.