Mar 18, 2014

New Alkaloid-Red Cross partnership in the Republic of Macedonia

Alkaloid made a new partnership with the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia by financing a rebranding of the Blood Donation Day Centre and its functioning, thus making the corporate responsibility its top priority.

The main purpose of the renewed center is to arrange not only a blood donation place but also a base for education of potential blood donors, a place where ideas and experience can be exchanged within the blood donation activities.

The day of the Red Cross Foundation and the Blood Donor Day in the Republic of Macedonia were marked by promoting the rebranded Day Centre inside the premises of Dare Dzambaz Centre of Humanitarian Organizations.

Mr. Zhivko Mukaetov, Chief Executive Officer and President of the Management Board of Alkaloid highlighted in his speech that he is particularly honored because the company he is running is part of the humanitarian mission of the Red Cross in the Republic of Macedonia.
The missions of Alkaloid and Red Cross are absolutely complementary concerning the care and help for people in greatest need. In future our company will continue to help and stimulate blood donation as a particularly humane initiative in daily living.

The Red Cross officials pointed out that the support which Alkaloid has manifested and proved is an example of how a socially responsible company should appear and function in the true sense of that word.

Several months ago Mr. Mukaetov won a Gold Medal – a prestigious recognition by the Red Cross - for his wholehearted support of social programs that help the most vulnerable category of citizens.