Dec 3, 2023


"Children are our future!" Every child deserves a warm home, care and love! Every child is our care!” – These powerful messages were conveyed to the community, establishing the foundation for a synergy that is fully acknowledged and honored by both organizations.

In the year commemorating the 45th anniversary of the Becutan brand, a strategic collaboration with SOS Children's Village was established. This organization currently provides care for nearly 500 children and youth in the country who are orphaned or at risk of losing their parents. In December 2022, one of the houses of SOS Children’s Village located in the Chento neighborhood was named the Becutan House whereby the company became a key benefactor and main supporter, fostering genuine relationships between the foster family and Alkaloid employees.

As part of the jubilee project, the company allocated over 2 million denars to support the daily operations of the house and the activities associated with the functioning of the organization and caregivers.

"In December of last year, on the eve of our 45 years anniversary since the existence of the Becutan children's brand, we initiated our so-called godfathering whereby we collaborate with SOS Children's Village to provide care for five children aged five to thirteen, ensuring all their necessities while living there.

Throughout the year, a portion of the sales of our children's collection was earmarked, resulting in the collection of over 2 million denars, which will be donated to SOS Children's Village. Our cooperation will continue during the upcoming year." - said Zhivko Mukaetov, CEO and President of the Management Board of Alkaloid AD Skopje.

Julijana Nakova-Gapo, National Director of SOS Children's Village, expressed gratitude for this partnership, emphasizing the significance of donor support for the children sheltered at this location, stating: “As a strategic partner of SOS Children's Village, Alkaloid has been supporting our cause of helping orphaned children through the prominent Macedonian brand - Becutan and by godfathering a house in SOS Children's Village. The contribution from Alkaloid extends beyond financial assistance - it fosters stability and growth. We express our gratitude to the donor for their dedication to our cause”.

As a component of the partnership, in addition to alleviating current financial burdens, children were also provided with continuous educational support. This support facilitates access to professional counseling and treatments, addressing the developmental challenges faced by the children in the family.

As part of the first anniversary celebration of this humane partnership with SOS Children's Village, an exhibition was organized featuring drawings created by the children from SOS Children's Village. The drawings were themed "Love is...", whereby each drawing will be rewarded by Becutan because every child is a winner in the mission called love! All the wonderful drawings created by the children will be featured in upcoming campaigns by Alkaloid related to the Becutan children's collection.

The organization is funded by donations from individuals, companies, institutions and various forms of partnerships.

Anyone can donate, and contributions are used exclusively for the needs of the children sheltered by SOS Children's Village. You can donate at the following link: