Sep 21, 2021

Opening of retrospective exhibition and mkd 4 millions donation for the pediatric clinic to mark the 85th jubilee of Alkaloid

The first authentic film for Alkaloid from 1950, the oldest original box and authorization for production and marketing of Caffetin, the first packaging of Becutan, the oldest industrial machines and other company memorabilia are part of the exhibition opened on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of Alkaloid at the Museum of the City of Skopje.

“We usually mark the company anniversaries with a wider audience, as Alkaloid is a company for all! The occasions for this jubilee imposed a different format, and therefore, we decided to open our past and our present for all! We collected dear memories and in an area of around 300m2, we packed the most significant moments of our and your history” – said the CEO of Alkaloid, Zhivko Mukaetov.

This year, Alkaloid’s 85th jubilee started with the promotion of the humanitarian video of the anthology song “Chukni vo drvo” by the guitar virtuous Vlatko Stefanovski, performed by the children from the project “Dajte muzika”, whereby for each view on the digital channels of Alkaloid from 10 June to 20 September, the company set to donate one denar to the University Pediatric Clinic.

“With this video, the children spread optimism, gratitude and empathy for the social categories of citizens mostly affected by the pandemics. For all the positive energy and good thoughts shared with the views of this video, we decided to donate two denars instead of one per view, or a total amount of MK 4,099,448 denars intended for the Pediatric Clinic” – said Mukaetov.

The children from “Dajte muzika” handed over the symbolic cheque to Prof. d-r Aspazija Sofijanova who emphasized:

“The sensitivity in the treatment of the children was taken one step ahead referring to what you are doing here for us today. I would sincerely like to thank you, as in these hard times, you have shown that you care for the health, above all. Especially the health of those who are most sensitive, most vulnerable and those who represent our future”.

Alkaloid promoted another jubilee video using authentic film excerpts from 1950 and 1962 combined with modern processes presently performed at the company’s production facilities. The parallel between the past and the present for the 85th jubilee was encircled with the master piece graphic especially made for Alkaloid by the famous Macedonian artist Mihail Korubin. In the quest for a timeless element, this great artist rested the power and protection in the human hands whereas the sun, which symbolizes force of life, contains the logo of Alkaloid.

The retrospective exhibition will be opened to the public from 21 September until 12 October 2021.