Feb 20, 2012

Pediatric clinic donation and announcement for new charity campaign 'be my friend'

Alkaloid brand is as distinguishable and recognized as is its motto –Health above all – a slogan which acts as a motive for accomplishing the company’s mission for a healthier world and superior quality of its products and services. Alkaloid’s firm commitment is the care for the health of each individual, the quality of every person’s life, the healthcare system and the environment.

Among the numerous events organized as part of the celebration of the company’s 75thJubilee was the humanitarian happening which took place on 3 September 2011 for the company employees and the members of their families. The funds raised by the employees, who donated a sum of MKD 200 to “Trajce Mukaetov’ Foundation, were used for purchasing equipment for the Pediatric Oncology ward of the Pediatric Clinic within the Clinical Centre in Skopje.

The equipment purchased is worth nearly EUR 7,000, raised for only a day and a half, and it consists of apparatuses aimed for treatment of children with cancer, such as infusion pumps for cytostatic therapy application, inhalation apparatuses, transportable monitors for gauging various parameters and a transportable ECG apparatus with 12 outlets.

As part of its commitment to social responsibility and the care for people’s health, Alkaloid has decided to continue its charity activities and to help the most fragile category of patients, the children with carcinogenic diseases. Alkaloid will carry out the charity campaign named ‘Be my friend’ in cooperation with ‘Borka- For Each New Day’, the association which has worked on raising awareness of malign diseases among the citizens for five years now.

The project activities will last 9 months and primarily they will be focused on monthly supplies of certain apparatuses and materials for the clinic, aimed to alleviate the stay and the treatment of the patients hospitalized at the Pediatric Oncology ward, as well as their families during the treatment. The parents of the children with malignant diseases will be able to make use of the psycho-social aid in cooperation with the support groups organized by ‘Borka’.

For the purpose of this project, as part of Alkaloid’s contribution to the enhancement and development of the community in which it operates, the company will allocate at least MKD 1.2 million from the sales of ‘Becutan’ brand products.

The campaign starts on 15 February, the International Childhood Cancer Day. It is the first time that this day has been officially marked in the Republic of Macedonia, thus making our country part of the global struggle for raising awareness of early detection and diagnostics of malignant diseases in children, resulting in 70% curability of all diagnosed cases by application of an appropriate treatment, which is organized by the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer and the Union for International Cancer Control.