Jun 22, 2016

Posthumous distinction ‘Creators For Centuries’ for Trajche Mukaetov

The business platform for Central and Southeast Europe ‘Entrepreneurship – Perspectives 2050’ has posthumously presented Trajche Mukaetov, the former CEO and one of the creators of modern Alkaloid, with the distinction ‘Creators for Centuries’.

This prestigious award for lifetime achievement is granted for accomplishments made throughout a whole lifetime and is aimed at paying tribute to great visionaries, leaders and creators of the future, whose work, courage, expertise, creativity and supreme results set the foundations and pivots for the progress of the community and the development challenges imposed by modern times.

After graduating from the Electro-technical Faculty in Belgrade, Trajche Mukaetov began his career as a specialist in process and informatics organization to be appointed as the first director at the Macedonian State Office of Informatics. He continued the length of service in ‘Alkaloid’, where in 1974 he established the company computer centre. Soon after, under his leadership, this centre was declared the leading computer centre in Macedonia. As of 1985 Trajche Mukaetov held the position of CEO of ‘Alkaloid AD’ Skopje. Out of the 33 years spent in Alkaloid, he was leading the company for 22 years. The period of his leadership was noted for the greatest investment cycle in the company. As a great strategist and visionary, in 1996 he initiated the construction of new pharmaceutical facilities, equipped with new automated production lines and increased manufacturing capacity.

‘It has never been my priority to accumulate property or to buy out companies, but, quite the opposite, the greatest challenge for me had been to develop ‘Alkaloid’ into a modern and successful company which will grow into a regional leader and will also continue to work successfully after me leaving the leading position. ‘Alkaloid is a company for all times and we need to think about our future’ Mukaetov would say.

The pinnacle each manager aims to reach is to leave behind a healthy and prosperous company. This is exactly what Trajche Mukaetov had accomplished, literally. The posthumous award for Trajche Mukaetov’s lifetime achievement in the field of entrepreneurship was presented to Zhivko Mukaetov, the incumbent CEO and President of MB of ‘Alkaloid’, by the representatives of the organization ‘Creators for Centuries’.

The selection of laureates, which takes place in 5 phases, is made by the ‘Creators for Centuries’ independent international committee for granting awards and distinctions, composed of 16 prominent names in the fields of economics, marketing and financial sector from 10 European countries. The official ceremony of proclaiming the laureates took place during the Regional Summit of Central and Southeastern Europe’s Entrepreneurs – ‘300 Best’, held in Dubrovnik, while the special ceremony for the posthumous award presented to Trajche Mukaetov was performed in Skopje, in the presence of his associates and the family.