Nov 4, 2020

President Pendarovski visited the company "Alkaloid AD Skopje"

Today, President Stevo Pendarovski visited the company "Alkaloid AD Skopje", as well as the "Institute for Research and Development of Alkaloid - Pharmaceutical Corporate Development", which deals with meeting the strictest requirements of European and American pharmaceutical regulatory bodies that are accepted as reference in the world.

During the visit, President Pendarovski met with the General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, Zhivko Mukaetov, as well as with Viktor Stojcevski, Chief Financial Officer and member of the Board of Directors.

The management of “Alkaloid AD” presented to the President Pendarovski the current activities of the company, the results of the operation, as well as the continuous investments. In the field of investments, as the General Manager Mukaetov pointed out, in the past two decades “Alkaloid” has invested nearly 200 million euros in pharmaceutical production facilities, scientific research laboratories, modern equipment, technology, and staff, and 10% of this amount is invested in scientific research activities and product quality assurance. In that direction, the delegation toured the Alkaloid “Institute for Research and Development - Pharmaceutical Corporate Development” where hundreds of experts from various fields work at various stages of the development of pharmaceutical products.

"The scientific research activity in “Alkaloid” has a decades-long tradition. Today, guided by the principles that one of the most important parameters for the prosperity of the company is the increased level of investment in scientific, research and development activities as well as product quality control, in the past two decades, we have invested nearly 20 million euros in development laboratories and in product quality assurance sectors. On an annual basis, “Alkaloid” continuously invests 3-5% of its turnover in scientific research activities, knowledge and human capital, so we consider these investment ventures as one of the key postulates in our sustainable development, and in the future, I would personally advocate for intensification of these activities at state level," Mukaetov said.

During 2020, the company has realized investments of nearly 20 million Euros.

Emphasizing the decades-long tradition in the operation and social responsibility of Alkaloid, during the visit President Pendarovski expressed confidence that even in the conditions of the Covid 19 pandemic, the company will continue to invest in scientific research activities, knowledge and of course in human capital.

The Alkaloid Group has over 1,800 employees in the country and more than 530 employees in the branches and representative offices outside Northern Macedonia. This year the company realized 175 new employments.