Nov 23, 2021

Promotion of the project “BENEFITS FOR THE CHILDREN OF EMPLOYEES” in Alkaloid AD Skopje

In the 85-year growth and development of the succesful story of Alkaloid, the human resources have been one of the strongest pillars and the care for the employees is one of the top priorities in the company. There are 2000 employees in the headquarters of Alkaloid in Skopje and like in any successful and ambitious company, it is a special challenge to maintain a high level of organizational culture, focus on results and high level of ethical values, especially in working conditions filled with a number of unpredictable economical, political and pandemic aspects.

At annual level, “Alkaloid” AD Skopje allocates significant resources for various benefits for the employees, in form of financial benefits, internal and external training, additional education, additional health insurance, etc.

The latest project of “Alkaloid” AD Skopje includes benefits for the children of the employees, through financial participation of the company in the amount of 1000 denars monthly per child per employee. This amount is intended for additional education in the field of foreign languages, IT courses, sports and recreational activities, as well as activities in the field of science and culture, throughout the school year. The project covers children from all categories of employees in Alkaloid AD Skopje - children of preschool age and those who are regularly enrolled in primary and secondary school. “In the initiation phase of this new project we have put the focus on a higher goal – our children, who are our future. We wanted to encourage the practice of extracurricular activities and engagements which, as additional values and knowledge, will actively contribute to their formation into well-rounded personalities, who in the future will give their personal contribution to improving the environment in which they live and work. Through caring for our employees and through the initiatives to provide benefits to their family members, we show the key values of the large Alkaloid family – People above all - a maxim that especially affects the youngest, said Zhivko Mukaetov, CEO and President of the Management Board of Alkaloid AD Skopje.

Currently, the company has 408 administrative applications for benefits for children of employees, of which 33 applications are for preschool children, 327 applications for primary school children and 48 applications for children of employees enrolled in high school. Divided by categories, there are 6 application for IT courses, 7 applications for activities in the field of science, 127 applications in the field of sports and recreational activities, 234 applications for foreign language courses, 30 applications for dance schools and 2 application for activities in the field of music and 2 in the field of culture. These numbers are expected to change and increase in the forthcoming period.