Oct 28, 2010

Social responsibility recognition for Alkaloid AD – Skopje

The concept of social responsibility, which is an integral part of the business strategies and operations of Alkaloid AD – Skopje, incorporated in each segment of its activities, has received its confirmation by the national awards and recognition won for best social practices. These awards were presented by the Ministry of Economy in association with the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation, The Association of Economic Chambers of Macedonia and ‘Connect’ Association as part of the project “Corporate social responsibility in the Republic of Macedonia”.

The coordination committee for corporate social responsibility has handed out the National Award for Ethical Management for the year 2009 to Alkaloid AD – Skopje for the project: “Code of Ethical and Business Conduct”. Two other projects were verified by the recognition they received – “Human resources management 2009-2011” in the Employee Relations category and “Social responsibility policy of Alkaloid AD- Skopje – symbiosis for healthier life and future” in the Investment in Community category.

The purpose of this award, presented for three years in a row, is to promote the positive practices of corporate socially responsible behavior in Macedonia as well as to inspire introduction and further enhancement of corporate social responsibility.

Mr Fatmir Besimi, Minsiter of Economy, who attended the ceremonial presentation of the awards, expressed his satisfaction at the fact that social responsibility is increasingly becoming and integral part of the business policy of the Macedonian companies, pointing out that “by accepting this concept, the companies directly improve their competitiveness in the global economy, increase the added value of their products and services, build up their reputation and image, the relations with their suppliers, customers and potential investors, boost motivation and loyalty to their employees and the longstanding business success”.

This year, the Award, as part of the “Corporate Social Responsibility in the Republic of Macedonia” project, has been co-financed by the European Union, consistent with the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) 2007-2013. According to Minister Besimi, it verifies successful cases of implementation of the concept of corporate social responsibility in the Republic of Macedonia, by which the companies, with their business activities and interaction with the stakeholders integrate the social welfare and the environment protection on voluntary basis.