Dec 30, 2022

The New Year 2023 Seen Through the Alkaloid Retro Calendar

The Alkaloid calendar contains twelve new pages for the new year, with an undertone of old, retro elements, classical and elegant. It bears the signature of the famous Macedonian graphic artist and designer Zoran Kardula.

Inspired by old, still impressively authentic posters and prints from a century ago, Kardula underlines that this corporate project is a unique and exciting concept he enjoyed creating.

"To my great pleasure, I was hired by Alkaloid to design their 2023 calendar. A year ago, for my own pleasure, I did a personal project illustrating famous Macedonian brands that marked the past, some of them still present today. My idea was to present famous companies and some of their brands in art deco style. I wanted to show how their products would look if they were advertised in the 20s and 30s of the last century. An interesting concept that I really enjoyed. That is how I made the Alkaloid calendar - the company brands in art deco style. I had full freedom in illustrating, and the whole process was a pleasure," Kardula points out.

When creating these posters, the author tries to stick to that style, colour, and aesthetics and convey it in the best light. To capture the style more authentically, he also creates packaging for some of the products, simulating how they would have been branded at the time. He drew the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and used many brushes to capture the retro moment and patina he wanted to achieve in the posters. He included several illustration styles emerging during the Art Deco period.

The Alkaloid 2023 corporate calendar design takes us back to some more beautiful and carefree times. Through this authentic time travel, Alkaloid wishes its employees, collaborators, and loyal consumers happy holidays, in the name of the most important thing - Health above all!

Download here