Nov 10, 2020

The “Trajche Mukaetov Foundation” awarded 39 new scholarships for the 2020/21 academic year

For the thirteenth year in a row, the "Trajche Mukaetov Foundation" awards scholarships to students at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine at Ss. Cyril and Methodius from Skopje. According to the announced public competition, the selection of scholarship holders for the 2020/2021 academic year was adopted by the Board of Directors of the Foundation, following the proposed preliminary list of Scholarship Distribution Commissions which included representatives of the Foundation, representatives from both faculties as well as student representatives.

This year, 39 new scholarships have been awarded, of which 19 for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy and 20 for students of the Faculty of Medicine at the University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje. The one-time cash prize in the amount of 1,200 euros in MK Denar counter-value, which the Foundation awards for eleven years in a row for the toppers of the two faculties, this year went to Tamara Ivanoska from the Faculty of Pharmacy (with a grade point average of 9.85 - Scholarship holder of the "Trajce Mukaetov Foundation") and Eva Palchevska from the Medical Faculty (with a grade point average of 9.91).

“I am really glad that the “Trajche Mukaetov Foundation” and the company Alkaloid, even in such specific conditions of functioning of the educational process, continue to support talented students in the field of pharmacy and medicine. Although this year the awarding of scholarships takes place during a pandemic, we as a company are determined to continue stimulating and rewarding the students. I personally hope that the benefits from the Foundation for the future pharmacists and doctors of medicine will be bigger motivation for delivering even better results and even higher future achievements in the field of Macedonian health and pharmacy” - said Mr. Zhivko Mukaetov, President of the “Trajche Mukaetov Foundation” and Director General of Alkaloid AD Skopje.

Starting from the 2007/08 academic year, the Foundation has awarded scholarships to a total of 539 students in the field of pharmacy and medicine, including the new 39 in the 2020/2021 academic year. Of these, 207 students in pharmacy and 195 in medicine have already graduated. From 2009 until today, 87 of the Foundation's scholarship students, i.e. 80 students from the Faculty of Pharmacy and 7 students from the Faculty of Medicine, started their career in "Alkaloid", in the departments of the Pharmacy segment.

The scholarship is 6,500 MK Denars during 12 months and as of 30th October 2020, through the "Trajche Mukaetov Foundation" an amount of 99.947.500 MK Denars was paid to the scholarship holders and the toppers of the class.