Jun 14, 2022

World Blood Donor day marked at Alkaloid with big blood donating activity

With an organized blood donation event on the occasion of June 14, World Blood Donor Day, Alkaloid continued its five decades long tradition of blood donating activities with the employees of the company.

United under the motto "Donate blood, save a life", 130 Alkaloid employees expressed their willingness to donate blood as part of the collective blood donation action, taking place at the Alkaloid Education and Training Center, in cooperation with the Red Cross and the Institute for Transfusion Medicine. The company is especially proud of its blood donors, some of which have taken part in multiple blood donations in their lifetime.


Blood donation is an exquisitely voluntary act, that can save lives to those in need. With only one donated blood bag of 450 ml, in a procedure that lasts around ten minutes, 3-4 human lives can be saved. I first became a blood donor at my 18th year of age and so far, I donated blood over 50 times!” – said Robert Noveski, employee of Alkaloid, who made 53 blood donations so far. 

On the site, Zhivko Mukaetov, CEO and MB President of Alkaloid, thanked all generations of Alkaloid employees who through this great act of humanity have made a long lasting contribution in the development of Macedonian blood donation. 

Present on site were also first-time blood donors from the younger generation of employees, who are yet to become promoters of this act of solidarity in the company: “During my first time blood donation, I felt really fulfilled! I decided for this human act, led by the notion that it will really help someone in a life threatening situation” – said Elena Kazandzhievska, employee of Alkaloid. 

Blood donation is a voluntary act and an individual reflection of humanity and solidarity. A blood donor can be any person between 18 to 65 years of age, who has good general health. According to the blood donation criteria, men can donate blood every 3 months and women every 4 months. Each donated blood bag can save 3 to 4 human lives.

In order to further affirm the voluntary blood donation and as a sign of respect and gratitude to the large number of blood donors from its company, Alkaloid created a special visual identity of the Blood Donor Association.

By nurturing the tradition of organized blood donation campaigns, Alkaloid reaffirms its commitment and efforts to promote corporate social responsibility.