May 31, 2022

Zhivko Mukaetov, CEO of Alkaloid AD Skopje, panelist at the Second Annual International Conference "Skopje Economic and Finance Forum - SEFF" held by the Ministry of Finance


"If 20% of people left the region, it means at least 20% less talent and skills, 20% less creative potential, and at the end of the day 20% less traditional consumers", Mr. Mukaetov pointed out at the Forum.

Zhivko Mukaetov, CEO and President of the Management Board of Alkaloid AD Skopje, is a participant and panelist at the Second Annual International Conference ‘Skopje Economic and Finance Forum – SEFF’ held in Skopje on 30-31 May this year, organized by the Macedonian Ministry of Finance and the American Chamber of Commerce ‘AmCham’.

At the panel discussion ‘Exploiting the opportunities of regional cooperation and Euro-Atlantic perspectives’ Mr. Mukaetov addressed the importance of the perception of economic reality through the prism of opportunities, emphasizing the synergistic action and integration of the region, as well as the key role of the human factor in that context. 

"As separate entities, all of our markets are small, uncompetitive and not that attractive. However, if taken as a whole, the Western Balkans region is a market of almost 20 million inhabitants. We need associations and various forms of cooperation. The right word would perhaps be ‘connection’. As a company that is one of the pillars of Macedonian economy, we are strongly committed to establishing various kinds of synergies in the region, and we have even established forms of cooperation with our competitors in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina", Mr. Mukaetov said.

Drawing parallel between the success of companies and national economies, especially in highly polarized and politicized societies, Mr. Mukaetov stressed that businesses need to find ways to promote regional economic integration more effectively in order to ensure a higher level of competitiveness, and thus a better standard of living, more foreign investments and a brighter future for future generations. 

“Alkaloid’s goal is to differentiate itself through knowledge and development of value-added products. In this age of rapid change, when artificial intelligence and new technologies are widely available, the power of creativity and innovation of human potential is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately, brain drain is a major problem of the entire region. As a company, we strive to keep our employees in the country by constantly investing in their professional education, access to new technologies and scientific achievements, mentoring programs, dual education, and various benefits for both employees and their families, with the main purpose of ensuring better personal and professional development of the employees”.

As a role model company, Mr. Mukaetov pointed out Alkaloid as one of the most attractive companies - employers in the country, also pointing out the path to that perception, which begins with the employees of the company and its organizational culture.

"Alkaloid has shown resilience and rapid adaptation to change for decades. It is a company built by generations almost nine decades ago. Working for Alkaloid is like playing for Real Madrid. It is a heritage with a rich tradition, long history and top quality, and succumbing to challenges is never an option! – Mr. Mukaetov concluded his address.

Skopje Economic and Finance Forum (SEFF) is an initiative of the Ministry of Finance whose goal, as the Minister Fatmir Besimi stressed, is to enable a debate on public policies on relevant regional topics. The keynote speaker and special guest at the event is the eminent American professor and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, Paul Krugman. The focus of the event, which gathered the most prestigious names from the world of economics, business and finance in Skopje, were the macroeconomic challenges in turbulent times, resilience, competitiveness and regional cooperation, energy, green transition and infrastructure, but also drivers of growth after the crisis.