Jun 2, 2015

Zhivko Mukaetov participates in the gathering of business leaders from Southeast Europe for the fourth time

The CEO and Management Board President of Alkaloid Mr. Zhivko Mukaetov takes part in the fourth elite gathering of successful business leaders and politicians from Southeast Europe: “Summit 100 – An Agreement for New Era”

At the Summit held this year in Portoroz, Slovenia, Mr. Mukaetov and Mr. Ivica Mudrinić from Deutsche Telekom moderated the panel with mayors of 4 regional major cities: Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Zagreb and Podgorica. At the plenary panel entitled “Smart Cities for Sustainable Growth: Turning the Region’s Capitals into Smarter Innovation Hubs”, the mayors of four capitals shared their experiences, presenting the implemented as well as the ongoing projects in an effort to increase the sustainable growth in capitals they administer. The mayors of Ljubljana and Zagreb, cities that lead the region in achieving goals for sustainable development, had a constructive discussion on the panel about the additional resources (capital and human) needed to turn their cities into more economical, more efficient and more pleasant havens for their citizens.

Mr. Michael Dickson, the expert from the US multinational company IBM (IBM – International Business Machines), who is also the Manager of IBM Program for Smart Cities on Global Level, participated in the panel moderated by Mr. Mukaetov and Mr. Mudrinić as well.

The President of the Republic of Macedonia, His Excellency Prof. Gjorgje Ivanov, PhD., took active part in the session for presidents of the states from the “Brdo-Brioni Process”. Businessmen, entrepreneurs, and established executives from the region, supported by international experts, also participated in the Summit 100 for Business Leaders of Southeast Europe.

“As a member of management boards of several established economic institutions in Macedonia and abroad and also as a CEO of Alkaloid, a company that carries out successful exporting to over 30 countries throughout the world, I believe that this kind of events is extremely significant for promoting regional cooperation and development of business operations. It is the very opportunity for connection and common actions of countries and companies from the region that gives an added value to this mega-event. Companies need joint actions in order to approach new markets in an easier and more successful way. Summit 100 is a great initiative for accomplishing those goals and also a solid platform for structuring development programs which would bring the region a step closer to achieving the mission for building a powerful business community that would generate greater economic growth.”, said Mr. Mukaetov.

The summit will continue today, with topics from sectors such as banking and finances, tourism, improving competitions of companies, increasing export and common operations of regional companies on markets abroad.