May 15, 2023

45 Years Becutan

For 45 years, we have been nurturing tenderness and have been an integral part of the childhoods of countless generations who grew up with Becutan. As a core focus within our corporate vision, ALKALOID places utmost importance on the well-being of children and prioritizes their health above all. Over the past 45 years, the company and the Becutan brand have earned your trust and loyalty by consistently delivering exceptional quality products. On this anniversary, we celebrate our unwavering dedication and the trust that generations of parents placed in us many decades ago.

To commemorate our 45th birthday, we held a press conference with media representatives from Macedonia, the region, and esteemed professionals. During this event, we premiered the new Becutan video.

Additionally, the little members of our Alkaloid family, alongside children from the SOS children's village, joyously celebrated Becutan's birthday through various engaging activities held at our Avtokomanda sports hall.

In the upcoming period, a percentage of the sales from the Becutan liquid line collection will go to the SOS Children's Village organization.