Feb 28, 2013

Alkaloid awarded Zlatna Bubamara for corporate responsibility

In a relaxed atmosphere through laughter to tears and in front of more than 2,000 guests, “Zlatna Bubamara of Popularity” proclaimed Alkaloid a corporate responsible company.

Prof. Todor Chepreganov, PhD, epileptologist, had the honor to present the recognition.

Professor Chepreganov spared no attributes and words of praise for Alkaloid’s management and activities, highlighting that it gave him special pleasure to crown one of the most successful Macedonian companies with such recognition. “This is a company that, I must admit, I grew up with these past 50 years, a company with a great vision that has expanded outside the borders of our country, a company that invests without reservations in medicine and knowledge, where employees enjoy spending their working hours, with no pressures and mobbing”. With these words, professor Chepreganov invited the General Manager of Alkaloid AD – Skopje, Mr. Mukaetov to come to the stage and accept the statuette, from - as he said - “the hands of a close friend”.

Highlighting the fact that it gave him special honor and pleasure to see “Alkaloid” as part of this manifestation, Mukaetov dedicated the award to the employees in the company.

“This is not only a reward for the generation currently working in “Alkaloid”, for all the 1400 employees, but also for generations that were part of it in the past 76 years. We are a company that cares for the community, the happiness of citizens and wants to see as many smiling faces as possible. To that goal we are going to continue with even faster tempo”, said Mr. Mukaetov in his address on the occasion of statuette awarding ceremony.

Alkaloid has thus far received several awards and recognitions for its corporate responsibility.