Mar 20, 2023

Alkaloid CEO and President of the Management Board, Zhivko Mukaetov, Addresses the Financial Support for the Victims of the Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Unfortunately, the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria are not unfamiliar to the residents of Skopje and Macedonia. We remember the catastrophic earthquake that occurred in 1963, which continues to impact our city's development today. As a socially responsible company, Alkaloid recognizes the importance of providing assistance in such situations. 

Therefore, we have donated 3,000,000 denars through the Red Cross to aid the victims in Turkey and Syria. Additionally, we have collaborated with the Turkish Embassy in Skopje to donate necessary medicines to those in need. In times of crisis, it is crucial to show solidarity and empathy and to extend help to those who need it. I urge everyone who is able to assist to come forward and offer support to the people of Turkey and Syria, as no one knows where it might happen next time.

I express my deep regret about this tragedy and hope that our joint efforts can help alleviate the losses suffered by the affected communities.