Oct 3, 2013

Alkaloid obtains marketing authorizations for over 30 medicinal products in the commonwealth of independent states

Alkaloid obtained marketing authorization for over 30 of its medicinal products in member-countries of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), including: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkmenistan and also started numerous projects in Kazakhstan.

The first sales in these countries are to begin by the end of the current year or at the beginning of the following one.

Simultaneously with European expansion, Alkaloid has been working on this great project as well, the primary purpose of which is a breakthrough on the markets of CIS region. The concept of this project, which entirely differs from the European, is based on the analysis of the region as a whole, and also on detailed analysis of all markets, respectively. CIS as a region that is globally part of the developing markets, carries plenty of specific requirements, particularly in the regulatory segment, where the medicinal products registration criteria range between recognition of European regulations to highly specific national requirements.

Alkaloid remains dedicated to further expanding its operations in the region, which has already been defined as a strategic project for the years to come. Furthermore, the company is already present in Russia and Ukraine, having obtained authorizations for around 50 of its products and actively carrying out sales on those markets.

Thus, Alkaloid AD Skopje continues its activities towards strengthening the export positions of the company as a primary strategic commitment.