Jul 27, 2015

Ambassador of Russian Federation presents Jubilee Medal to Zhivko Mukaetov

On his official visit to the largest Macedonian pharmaceutical industry ‘Alkaloid AD ‘ Skopje, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Macedonia, HE Mr. Oleg Shcherbak, presented Mr Zhivko Mukaetov, the company’s CEO and president of the MB, with a special recognition, ‘70th Victory Anniversary’ Medal, for the manifold aid rendered to the WWII veterans.

According to some data, today there are around 3 million WWII veterans. About 500 of them pass away each day, the estimate being that by 2038, there will not be any survivors of this largest conflict in the world military history.

‘This recognition has been a great honour for me and I am genuinely pleased that we, as a company, have made a symbolic contribution to the people who had survived the whirlwinds of the war and had sacrificed their lives for the anti-fascist victory’ said Mr Zhivko Mukaetov at the ceremony.

His Excellency, Ambassador Oleg Shcherbak, pointed out that presenting this recognition has been a great honour for him and expressed his hope that the humane mission of Mr Mukaetov and ‘Alkaloid’ will continue in the future.

‘Russia, the Republic of Macedonia and all the members of the international community are commemorating a major event in the history of mankind – the 70th anniversary of anti-fascist victory. In this light, it has been a great honour for me to present this recognition to Mr Mukaetov and to show appreciation for his noble and humane activities, worthy of the highest respect. This medal has been awarded by the Russian Organizational Committee ‘Victory’, headed by the President of the Russian Federation, Mr Vladimir Putin. Taking into consideration the aid the company Alkaloid rendered on more than one occasions, by donating drugs and medicinal products, I express my heartfelt wishes for even greater success to Mr Mukaetov personally, and to all Alkaloid employees.’, said Mr Shcherbak.

Besides Mukaetov, the Russian Federation recognitions have been awarded to the President of the Republic of Macedonia, HE Gjorgje Ivanov, PhD, the Holocaust Centre in Skopje, Mr Velimir Stojkovski, PhD, Rector of Ss Cyril and Methodius University, and Ms Mirka Velinovska, a journalist.

The fatal statistics of the largest-scale war in the history of mankind has counted between 50 and 80 million human lives, of which around 33,000 are WWII victims from the Republic of Macedonia.