The process of aging begins earlier than you can imagine. However difficult it may be to notice wrinkles, the cell structure starts to change even after the age of 20, and mechanism for skin self-renewal begins to weaken.

Synergizing with science, vitamin C Sattwa cream and fruit acid Sattwa cream stimulate cell mechanisms throughout day and night, regaining youth and freshness to your skin.

After 30, the aging process speeds up and skin changes are considered irreversible. Fortunately, it is not the case anymore. You can choose Sattwa collagen day cream, Sattwa collagen night cream, anti-wrinkle Sattwa cream, Sattwa tonic and Sattwa collagen cleansing milk. Provided your choice is Sattwa regenerative day cream or Sattwa regenerative night cream – both options will help your skin self-regenerate, regain elasticity and freshness and smooth tiny wrinkles.

Usage of Sattwa day and night poly vitamin cream will restore the essential vitamins to your skin and ensure hydratised and healthy skin.

In the future we shall persist to follow trends by introducing new products and redesigning the present ones.