European Green Investment Summit - Dinner at UK residence

As envisaged in 2019/2020 Capital Investments Plans, Alkaloid AD - Skopje invested in adaptation and introduction of natural gas in the Gjorce Petrov plant. It invested 1,000,000.00 Euros at the plant to build a new underground gas pipeline, install two new steam boilers, and rehabilitate the existing steam distribution lines. 


With the global trends of increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in mind, the company's professional and technical departments (investment, and maintenance and energy management), designed and implemented a plan to bring natural gas to the plant. Two new Viessmann and Saacke state-of-the-art steam boilers and low-NOx burners were bought and activated. The newly installed equipment has high energy and natural gas efficiency. The boiler room was also modernized and can run autonomously and unstaffed for 72 hours.  


The introduction of natural gas at the Gjorce Petrov industrial and energy plant creates conditions for its maximum usage, makes the company's overall energy consumption more economical, and reduces the existing equipment maintenance costs. 


As a socially responsible company that cares about the environment and citizens' health, we have helped reduce pollution and fully comply with the strict environmental standards. Compared to the energy used with the previous system, the new equipment will reduce the annual CO2 emissions by 2.544 tons. 


In addition to this investment, in the past three years alone (2018-2020), we have implemented 27 other energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Together they bring annual energy savings of over 5.178 MWh and an annual reduction of 24.000 tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions. 


Implementing its renewable energy strategy, ALKALOID has installed over 100kW in thermal collectors. From the beginning of this year, the first photovoltaic powerplant of over 340 kW, installed on the roof of a production plant is in operation. It uses photovoltaic panels and inverters produced by the renowned manufacturers Canadian Solar and SMA, which have the highest level of energy efficiency. With this powerplant, the first in a series, the Regulatory Energy Commission licensed Alkaloid as an electricity producer. The registration with the Energy Agency's renewable energy plants register is in its final stage.  


Between 2013 and 2016, Alkaloid AD used the opportunity to borrow and finance energy efficiency projects, funded through the EBRD's WEBSEFF credit line. In that period, Alkaloid implemented several projects in Skopje and one in Belgrade. We installed a solar system for heating sanitary water and modernized the heating system in the educational center in Dojran. We also installed a low-temperature gas boiler for heating with hot water of the quality control building, the warehouse for raw materials and packaging, and other supporting areas. We continuously invest in energy-efficient roof and facade systems as well as in low heat transfer coefficient windows. In addition to purchasing new energy-efficient equipment, we invest in automation of all systems to optimize the consumption of energy overall. In October 2015 in Zagreb, we won the first prize for a successfully implemented energy efficiency project. The total value of the WEBSEFF credit line was around 1.5 million EUR. 


There are more innovative projects in the pipeline, where photovoltaics will produce not only electricity but will also use their shading effect to reduce cooling needs by making the warehousing and production facilities more efficient. 


Heat pumps are another indirect way of using renewable energy sources and another significant part of the Energy Strategy. Since 2020, one administrative building is entirely cooled and heated with individual heat pumps/air conditioners, which adds to the better thermal insulation of the building. In addition to the savings in investment and energy, now each employee can set the temperature to suit their needs, which contributes to greater job satisfaction for the Alkaloid staff. 


Transport is a great contributor to harmful emissions. Alkaloid pays serious attention to the efficiency of its internal and external transport. It regularly renews its fleet and moves towards electrification to achieve the lowest possible emissions. 


In addition to savings, these projects bring social responsibility to the country's energy system and to the reduction of global GHG emissions. 


Alkaloid helps solve the global climate problems by cooperating with the Organization for Industrial Development of the United Nations - UNIDO. It signed a cooperation agreement in 2016, and together with other leading global companies from various industries, it participates in the Industry Working Groups for Sustainable Development.