Dec 19, 2019

Human rights award in business for Alkaloid AD Skopje

Respect for human rights is the obligation and responsibility of all business owners or companies, regardless of their size, ownership or activity.

Konekt recently gave awards to several companies, including Alkaloid AD Skopje - which are committed to continuous promotion of human rights respect through company policies, operating practices and communication within and outside the company. The selection criteria included: a commitment to respect for human rights; assessing human rights risks and impacts; incorporating respect for human rights into operational practices; reporting, progress monitoring, communication; complaint mechanisms and damage compensation, etc.

The research on “Respect for human rights in the business sector” was conducted through digital monitoring of 59 of the 200 most successful companies in the country and a survey of 105 companies.

The selection of Alkaloid AD Skopje and the titular in its communication to use the white origami pigeon, which is a symbol of the company's human rights concern, focused particularly on the following several segments: the internship program, which has been running since 2018 in collaboration with several prominent educational institutions in the country, the charity picnic that the company has been organizing for 9 years in a row under the Trajce Mukaetov Foundation and the fact that Alkaloid AD has 1633 employees in its head offices in Skopje, 58% of which are females. The company makes no discrimination whatsoever on its practices or business processes and human rights are respected at all levels of the company as well as in its communication with the public. Care for employees, customers, shareholders and all stareholders is at the top of the operational agenda of Alkaloid AD Skopje.

At the awards ceremony for companies committed to the resepect for human rights, Ms. Nikica Kusinikova, CEO of Konekt, said: “We have established the award to highlight the importance of respecting human rights in business and to strengthen the commitment of our companies towards this goal. We expect the established criteria to indicate to companies how to direct their policies and practices more effectively in order to comply with the guiding principles of UN business and human rights and the objectives of sustainable development. We have created a company support package that will help them identify key human rights risks within their company and incorporate policies and measures to ensure that risks are managed. "

In addition to Alkaloid AD, companies such as: "EVN", "Interpartes", "Novomatik Group", "Cementarnica Usje", "Prilep Brewery" and "Pharmachem" were also awarded. The activities related to the Human Rights in Business Award are carried out within the framework of the European Union-funded project "Promoting Business and Human Rights" implemented by Konekt in partnership with Business Confederation and in cooperation with the United Nations Global Compact Network ".