Feb 21, 2011

Implementation of BC/DR project

Alkaloid has implemented the strategic BC/DR (Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery) project in the IT&T segment.

The BC/DR project ensures protection of data (record and recovery) for the purpose of continual functioning of the business operations in events of disasters, damage, destruction of part or the whole IT equipment from the primary location. To that end, the central information technology (primary location) has been moved and a secondary location with IT equipment has been set up, from where the business operations continue to function uninterruptedly, without any delay.

The equipment purchased for this project has been made by top producers and world leaders in the IT field.

Alkaloid AD Skopje has included Macedonian and foreign partners in the implementation of this project regarding specific IT services and solutions.

This project is one more proof of Alkaloid’s commitment to investing in advanced and cutting-edge technologies in its overall operations.