Mar 6, 2024

Pres conference of Macedonia2025 for "One Vision for Accelarated Growth"

 A press conference of Macedonia2025 was held today, unveiling the "One Vision for Accelerated Growth" prosperity plan, centered on three fundamental aspects: digitalization, competitiveness and facilitating processes for the diaspora, expatriates and tourists.

The CEO of Alkaloid AD Skopje and Board of Directors member of Macedonia2025, Mr. Zhivko Mukaetov highlighted the increase of exports from Macedonian companies as a key factor in achieving the target of over 5% annual GDP growth. He urged for a stronger and more consistent systemic support by reducing unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles and streamlining regulations.


"Macedonia as a small market has numerous success stories that deserve international recognition. To stand out, a product must have quality, a competitive edge, and added value. Success requires expertise and capabilities, a skilled and well-trained workforce, investment in research, development, and innovative technologies, adherence to environmental protection standards, and above all, systematic support aimed at implementing a measurable and transparent program for export-oriented companies which would ultimately measure the impact of each MKD invested in facilitating export activities", Mr. Mukaetov noted.

 Mrs. Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski, the CEO of the organization, along with other members of the Board of Directors including Mr. Viktor Mizo, Mr. Vasko Kronevski, Mr. Gjorgje Vojnovic, and Mr. Borijan Borozanov, attended the event. Additionally, Mr. Mike Zafirovski, one of the founders of Macedonia2025, addressed the gathering via an online link.