Apr 25, 2018

Memorandum of cooperation signed for the internship program for students in pharmacy and chemistry in Alkaloid AD Skopje

In order to fulfill the commitments for corporate social responsibility, which are at the top of the priorities in the company's operational agenda, Alkaloid AD Skopje signed a “Memorandum of Cooperation” for the Internship Program with the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Institute of Chemistry at the "Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics", both at the "St. Cyril and Methodius University" from Skopje.

The Internship in "Alkaloid AD Skopje" is a joint project between the company, the respective educational institutions and the students who represent the future workforce in the Republic of Macedonia. Within the framework of this project, the students who are enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the above-mentioned faculties will have the opportunity to participate in everyday processes and activities of the company, in order to strengthen their professional skills and to mutually promote scientific- research work.

"The aim of this Memorandum of Cooperation for the Internship Program is to encourage the development of students' creativity, their personal and professional profiling, as well as the readiness to face future professional challenges. With this project, we as a company, in cooperation with the highest scientific and educational institutions in the country, want to enable young talented and ambitious students to acquire and practice new skills in real processes within the company. We want to build synergy from which all the parties involved will benefit, and by implementing the latest scientific achievements in development processes, we expect the scientific and research work to be raised to a new, higher level ", - said Mr. Zivko Mukaetov, Chief Executive Officer and President of the Management Board of "Alkaloid AD Skopje".

"Alkaloid AD Skopje" with this project goes a step further and not only develops internship development programs, but structurally complies them with the educational institutions, adapting them to the extent that is maximally adaptable to the educational programs. Prof. Dr. Svetlana Kulevanova, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University "St. Cyril and Methodius" emphasized the pleasure of starting a new kind of cooperation with the company and stressed the importance of the complying program contents with world trends and practical work:

"The signing of the “Memorandum of Cooperation” for the Internship Program in the sphere of scientific and professional activity in the field of pharmacy is of particular importance for all parties involved, but mostly for the students themselves. The great interest of the students in distributing the initial information about the new opportunity that we provide together with our faithful partner Alkaloid AD, is a proof of the quality of this program" said Prof. Kulevanova.

The Dean of the "Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics" at the "St. Cyril and Methodius University", Prof. Dr. Icko Gjorgoski noted that the signing of the memorandum of cooperation is a kind of verification of the long-standing and successful cooperation with Alkaloid: "We are pleased to sign a memorandum of cooperation with such a renowned company, not only in Macedonia, but also worldwide. For years, many of our best graduates in chemistry continue their careers in “Alkaloid”. Many of our professors are external associates in the development laboratories of this company and have participated in a large number of joint scientific projects. We are convinced that this is just a new beginning, with which our cooperation will further expand and deepen, and the benefits, will of course be mutual "- said Prof. Gjorgoski.

The contours and basis of this project were set in August 2017, and the practice of the first group of students will begin in the course of June 2018. Students who will meet the requirements for entry into the internship program will be assigned a trained mentor by the company, and the parent educational institution will give them a practical project that they will have to complete within 3 months. Upon completion of the internship, the students will have to present the results that will be evaluated by the expert mentors from the company and the representatives from the respective educational institution.