Aug 30, 2022

One working day in Alkaloid

Interview with Biljana Stefanovska

"Production is a dynamic and multidisciplinary activity, which will ultimately result in that finished box. The workplace, as well as the tasks and responsibilities that come with it, set the dynamics of the day. The working day begins with setting goals for what is expected to be accomplished and planning the daily activities. During the shift, the work of each segment is continuously controlled, which implies control of the correct and safe handling of the equipment, materials and products by the employees, in accordance with the prescribed rules and instructions given in the established standard operating procedures (SOPs), procedures and guidelines. Following the strict GMP-norms and the quality policy are the basis on which the entire process is based in order to obtain a quality, safe and effective product - medicine. At the end of the day, when one looks at the pallet with a packaged, finished product, ready for delivery, it creates a positive feeling of a successfully achieved goal. At that moment, all the activities that we have carried out before, seemingly, remain in the background, but they define the value and meaning of the feeling of satisfaction", Biljana Stefanovska, shift manager in Production - cephalosporins.

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