Aug 30, 2022

One working day in Alkaloid

Interview with Daniel Velichkovski

"Each working day starts with a brief agreement with the team. We share opinions and ideas, both for the day itself and for the pace of work in the forthcoming period. Organizationally, we distribute strictly defined tasks among ourselves, with a high degree of control, but also with flexibility and with coordination with each member of the team, in order to achieve the required effectiveness and productivity of the entire department. Of course, the cooperation with other services with which we are part of the complex chain in one production is also very significant, so that all the challenges that arise in the work can be perceived and overcome. For a well-formed team, a team with great trust among the members and with a good working atmosphere, there are no challenges that cannot be overcome", Daniel Velichkovski, head of the Liquids Production Department. If you want to be part of the team that pushes the boundaries, send your application to and start your Alcareer!

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