Oct 24, 2023

One working day in Alkaloid

Interview with Eleonora Trajkovska - Stojchevska

"Constant improvement, knowledge sharing and team support play a significant role in effectively addressing the daily challenges encountered at the New Cosmetic Products Research and Development department."

As project manager for cosmetic products development, particularly wet wipes, I wholeheartedly take part in the formulation of high-quality cosmetic products for babies, adhering to global standards.


Projects start from an idea for a new product, and advance through the stages of formulating cosmetic products, conducting dermatological trials, transitioning to industrial production, followed by process validation and stability monitoring.

We deliver safe cosmetic products in compliance with regulatory requirements and the latest trends.


The successful execution of all projects is attributed to the expertise, cooperation, good communication and coordination both within the company's departments and with external partners.

Continuous development is the cornerstone of success!", Eleonora Trajkovska Stojchevska, Independent Researcher - Cosmetic Product Development Coordinator.


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