Mar 11, 2022

One working day in Alkaloid

Interview with Nada Popstefanova

"For every professional in 'Quality Assurance', the commitment to quality is most important. My working day is met with all the challenges to maintain and validate the high level of quality system in accordance with the national and international legal requirements and the strategy of "Alkaloid" AD Skopje, as well as the quality of the products from our portfolio.

Checks from numerous regulatory inspections, audits / checks by notification and certification bodies as well as partners from multinational companies around the world are a constant challenge to to be among the best companies and to maintain the certificates that enable trade in over 50 countries.

The long-term success is due to the daily communication with the professionals for various business activities in the company, in order to harmonize, document and improve them. If you are an enthusiast, ready to learn daily from top experts and experienced colleagues; if you have exceptional communication skills and if you are responsible, with integrity and confidence in your skills, you have an outstanding opportunity for professional development and a successful career in ‘Quality Assurance’.

Our team will train you and help you recognize the excitement and fulfillment after successfully solved work tasks in the field of quality ", Nada Popstefanova.

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