Oct 24, 2023

One working day in Alkaloid

Interview with Nina Petkovska

"Our team plays a crucial role in managing the company's global intellectual property portfolio. The dynamic nature of our work presents a daily challenge as we strive to develop the most effective strategy for safeguarding and ensuring our company’s distinctive identity.


Our team is responsible for every aspect of the trademark, design, copyright and related rights portfolio, including the creative development of new brand names, risk assessment, as well as right registration and validity maintenance. We stay competitive and in line with the industry by continually following the latest trends and developments, as well as by monitoring, licensing and staying protected against right infringements.


I finish the day with a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that our commitment to authenticity, innovation, and collaboration actively contributes to the company's ongoing progress and advancement", Nina Petkovska, Manager at Trademarks; Medical, Portfolio, Global Pharmacovigilance and Trademarks - Pharmacy.


If you want to be part of the team that pushes the boundaries, send your application to career.alkaloid.com.mk and start your Alcareer!

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