Mar 11, 2022

One working day in Alkaloid

Interview with Verche Jovanovska-Jankovska

"Holding one of the key positions at a pharmaceutical company such as Alkaloid is a great privilege. It is also an obligation for permanent work, learning, and coping with daily challenges. The responsibility and commitment to quality, our company’s recognizable brand over the years and is shared among all colleagues within the Alkaloid’s Quality System, is proven with customer satisfaction and confirmed by numerous and regular regulatory and partner inspections and audits. The communication with Alkaloid's top professionals, both my closest associates at the Quality Assurance Department and those throughout the quality system and the numerous internal and external training, is an enormous chest of knowledge. Despite the many years of experience, they always open doors to new challenges. The dynamism and variety of our everyday life make each passing day more exciting and more challenging. The aim of continuous process improvement of the Quality System opens opportunities for permanent growth.

Alkaloid's success is not accidental. but a result of the constant, intelligent, and united effort of all of its employees.

If you want to not only learn from real professionals but also walk side by side with highly honest people with integrity, Alkaloid is the place where you can make that dream come true.

If knowledge, experience, and self-improvement are a challenge for you, and if you wish to work in a positive, creative, and successful environment, join the great Alkaloid family" - Verche Jovanovska – Jankovska.