Mar 11, 2022

One working day in Alkaloid

Interview with Viktorija Velkovska

“Each workday at the Department of Manufacturing - Solid Forms is a different story, and I find it difficult to describe just one day. However, I’ll try to do it in a few sentences. The work at our department is dynamic, and every day is full of different challenges.

Our main activities deal with the organization of the manufacturing process and quality system by monitoring and controlling the products from the earliest phases of their production. It requires us to adapt quickly and solve new challenges every day. It is always an opportunity to express our creativity and innovativeness.

Some of our duties include communicating and cooperating with colleagues from other departments, making compromises, and adequately using the possibilities and resources at the given moment. We actively participate in proposing and initiating improvements to stay abreast of all new developments in the pharmacy field.

The experience we gain at the Department of Manufacturing - Solid Forms is an advantage in any aspect. That is the foundation that everyone working in the pharmaceutical industry should have because everything starts from there, and without it, you cannot see the big picture. It is why I consider myself privileged to be part of this team.”- Viktorija Velkovska, Department of Manufacturing - Solid Forms.