Ultrasound Diagnostics

АL GEL ultrasound diagnostics gel 

АL GEL is blue-coloured, transparent to opalescent gel, specially formulated for application in ultrasound diagnostics and treatment. This product is a medical device non CE marked. 

  • It has optimum viscosity which enables easy application and prevents dripping and drying out too soon. 

  • Grease-free, stainless, water-soluble, easily removed from skin and clothing; 

  • Allows excellent contact between the skin and the probe; 

  • It does not contain corrosive substances which may damage the probe and other parts of the apparatus; 

  • It does not contain alcohol or formaldehyde; fragrance-free. 

  • Stable with regard to skin salts. 

  • Hypoallergenic formulation, non-sensitizing and non-irritating to skin, with bacteriostatic effect. 


The portfolio is flexible, in addition to the listed products, new ones may be developed relatively fast. 

Ultrasound Diagnostics