Dec 16, 2016

Students vote “Alkaloid” and “Good Nature” as their favourite brands

“Alkaloid“ and “Good Nature“ received the prestigious STUBRAND 2016 acknowledgement on the second ceremony in Macedonia whereby the most popular brands are declared through STUBRAND – an distinguished international agency for research and certification.

“Alkaloid” received the acknowledgement for positive image in the category of pharmacy, while the “Good Nature” brand was voted by students in the tea category, in competition of 405 other brands, classified in 19 categories.

In this year’s STUBRAND research 1.024 students participated from all universities in Macedonia, whose attitudes were measured through unique methodology that requires from students to express as quickly as possible their initial and quickest (impulsive-emotional) reaction related to the specific brand, by clicking one of the options offered: Love, Like, Neutral, Dislike, Hate and Don’t Know.

In addition to “Alkaloid” and “Good Nature”, STUBRAND being the first official brand dedicated to the promotion of the most popular brands among student population, this year certified another 13 brands. STUBRAND acknowledgement is awarded to brands that have positive image among over 50% of the subjects.