Aug 9, 2017

The mayor of Zagreb visits Alkaloid Skopje, August 9, 2017

A delegation from the office of the Croatian metropolis, led by the mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Badic paid a working visit to Alkaloid AD Skopje within his visit to Skopje during the UEFA Super Cup 2017.

At the working meeting, Mr. Zhivko Mukaetov, the CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of "Alkaloid", introduced Mr. Bandic with the performance and results of "Alkaloid AD Skopje" as well as the company's business operations on the Croatian market, where the products of "Alkaloid" have been placed for almost half a century. Following the tour of the production facilities of Alkaloid AD Skopje, Milan Bandic said: "When a company managed to endure on the European market for eight decades and reach the world market, then its main guarantor is only the high quality. I'm really amazed with what I had the opportunity to see at Alkaloid's production plants and now it is quite clear to me why I immediately reach for Caffetin when I am sick. "

The Cabinet of Zagreb’s Mayor highlighted that the business and friendly relations between Mr. Mukaetov and Mr. Bandic are based on the passion they share for the work and care for employees above all, as inevitable prerequisite of progress and success.

The topic on the working meeting agenda was also the forthcoming senior 2018 European Men’s Handball Championship, which will be held in January next year in Croatia. Macedonian handball seniors will defend Macedonian colors in the city of Zagreb during the championship where competitions will be held in 4 different cities. From the position of the President of the Handball Federation of Macedonia, Mr. Mukaetov has demanded logistical support from the hosts, considering the great interest among the Macedonian handball fans for watching this sport spectacle from the Arena Zagreb, as well as the experience of 2009, when the Macedonian "Falanga" "occupied" Varazdin and Zadar during the World Handball Championship. Recently, Mr. Milan Bandic started his sixth term as the head of the city of Zagreb. He is known among the people of Zagreb as a reformer during whose management the city has experienced an economic and cultural renaissance. Among other things, the "Arena Zagreb" complex, which has symbolically been put into use precisely with handball "fight", is included among the infrastructure projects under his management.

Mukaetov and Bandic jointly watched the UEFA Super Cup match between Real Madrid and Manchester United on the VIP Arena Phillip II.