Aug 27, 2013

The national Mother Teresa Prize awarded

The Board of the National Mother Teresa Prize awarded the recognitions to this year’s winners: Mr. Zhivko Popovski – Cvetin, a painter, humanist and journalist and Mr. Zhivko Mukaetov, General Manager and President of the Management Board of Alkaloid AD Skopje, at a ceremony held today at Porta Makedonija.

The National Mother Teresa Prize is awarded traditionally every year for particularly significant accomplishments that are of national interest in the area of humanity, solidarity, and motivation, improvement of mutual understanding as well as development of cooperation among peoples and also among members of various communities, cultures and religions.

Vitomir Mitevski, academician and President of the Mother Teresa Prize Board, emphasized that during the selection of this year’s winners, a great attention was paid to which candidate would continue the humanitarian work of Mother Teresa. “When deciding upon who should win this year’s prize, we were looking for candidates who are very close to that striving… the legacy of values that Mother Teresa left”, said the academician Mitevski.

The winners of traditional awards for humanity pointed out that they were honored by this act and also motivated for even greater philanthropy in the future.

„“On behalf of Mr. Zhivko Popovski – Cvetin and on my personal behalf I would like to extend my gratitude to the competent authorities and all individuals who decided to award us with this significant recognition. I have to emphasize that this high national prize is an honor, delight and motivation for further actions that would bear the sign of the values that are particularly appreciated by people, such as humanity, solidarity, mutual understanding and also respect for peoples’ diversities.

Such are the values that I was raised with and try to instill in my children. Helping people in need will not impoverish anyone. On the contrary, such act enriches us with yet another beautiful experience - the notion that we have done a good deed”, said Mr. Mukaetov.

Personally, Mr Mukaetov highlighted that he will donate the money he is entitled to for being the winner of this award, which amounts to five average salaries in Macedonia, to St. Kliment Ohridski Home for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth from Skopje, for purchase of necessaries.