Feb 17, 2017

Zhivko Mukaetov was appointed president of the Macedonian-Serbian business council

Marking the 95th anniversary, the Economic Chamber of Macedonia constituted a Macedonian-Serbian business council, aimed at developing trading contacts, directing and improving export-import opportunities of the member companies, as well as intensifying the economic cooperation between Macedonia and Serbia.

At the constitutive meeting. Mr Zhivko Mukaetov, the CEO and President of the Managing Board of Alkaloid, was appointed President of the Macedonian-Serbian business council, with a four-year term.

" When I was first introduced with the idea for such an association, on the one hand it seemed to me quite ambitious, but on the other, associating in a platform of this kind was really necessary. For Alkaloid, the Republic of Serbia is one of the principal strategic export markets, primarily for reasons of proximity, the relations between the two countries, cultural similarities and tradition. Alkaloid has been present in the Republic of Serbia for more than 70 years. Our successful business operations in this market which started with the 4 regional centres in Belgrade, Nis, Kragujevac and Novi Sad, have led us to the current stage of the operational production facility with more than 100 employees. We, in Alkaloid, have walked this path alone. In order to achieve better results, companies need associating and different forms of synergy. This council, as an association of the economic chambers, will be a kind of logistic support for the companies of both countries and export markets will work on assisting and improving the trade, at the same time promoting the economic cooperation between Macedonia and the neighbouring Serbia," Mukaetov said in his address at the constitutive meeting.

Mr Mile Kocic, the President of the Serbian-Macedonan business council at the Economic Chamber of Serbia, and owner of ,,Jumis" food industry said:

" Constituting the Serbian-Macedonian and Macedonian-Serbian business councils is, in my view, an excellent link between the Serbian and Macedonian companies. As the owner of Jumis, I am greatly honoured that my counterpart in this new position will be Mr Mukaetov. Taking into consideration our experience and the recent achievements of our companies, I am positive that this platform will not be a mere protocol, but it will truly function. Through frequent meetings, thematic sessions and exchange of experience we shall make firm steps towards creating even better conditions for free trade and good business climate," Kocic said.

The Macedonian-Serbian and Serbian-Macedonian business councils are organizational forms within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and Economic Chamber of Serbia, respectively. Their activities will be aimed at stimulating cooperation, information, contacts with domestic, foreign, chamber and business partners but they will also act on resolving problems and issues of mutual interest related to the economic cooperation between Macedonia and Serbia.