Becutan cod liver oil ointment

Although the skin of your baby looks like yours, it is still functionally immature. It is thinner and particularly sensitive to the effects of the environment, water loss is easier, and all this contributes to easier penetration of various harmful substances and development of infections. Baby skin nourishment begins on the day of the baby’s birth. Becutan cod liver oil ointment is a product primarily created for that beginning in the world of care.


Becutan ointment contains cod liver oil rich in vitamin A, indispensable for proper formation of epidermis and maintenance of its natural protective function, which is particularly important for infants’ skin. It also enhances and speeds up regeneration of irritated skin and skin damaged by heat and chemical agents. It nourishes dry skin, making it smooth and supple. Rub in gently a thin layer of ointment on clean and dry skin 2-4 times daily.

Becutan cod liver oil ointment is primarily aimed for nourishment and protection of baby skin, but it is also recommended for:

  • treatment of burns

  • nourishment of dry, cracked and rough skin, prone to scaling,

  • treatment of diaper dermatitis,

  • skin rash, caused by friction and sweat

  • after sun skin care


Becutan cod liver oil ointment