Becutan baby almond cream

Observing the daily needs of the youngest, we have developed a new formulation for a cream for daily care of baby and children’s skin with almond oil as a base in its contents.

Becutan baby almond cream has an exceptionally mild and hypoallergenic formulation, with all ingredients in its composition acting towards enhancing the skin moisture, calming and preventing redness and irritation.

The cream composition includes:

Almond oil, rich in vitamins A, E and D. The almond oil helps maintain the normal skin moisture, reduces redness and improves its resistance to environmental effects.

Lanolin, which repels moisture from the skin by creating a physical barrier on the surface of the skin, prevents skin dryness and helps maintain its natural moisture.

Zinc oxide creates a thin protective layer which keeps the skin surface dry, at the same time preventing and calming redness, rash and skin irritation.

Vaseline enhances healing of cracked skin and prevents loss of skin moisture.

This cream may be used in the diaper area. Contains no parabens, colours or alcohol. Apply a thin layer on clean skin and rub it in gently.

100ML / 200ML

Becutan baby almond cream