Becutan shampoo and bath foam 2 in 1

This product is an ideal combination of two products for care and hygiene of children skin and hair in a single step.

The product’s composition is enriched with a combination of active substances of natural resources that provides mild effect, allowing for the double use of the product to be entirely adapted to the needs of children skin and hair.

One of the ingredients, glyceryl oleate is categorized in the group of biolipids and is a physiological substance of the skin. Being an integral part of this product, it enables maintenance of biolipid balance of the skin and ensures improvement of the skin’s protective function.

The aloe vera extract has anti-inflammatory effect, i.e. prevents irritation and redness, whereas D-panthenol regulates skin moisture, prevents dry skin and also provides hair elasticity and shine.

The wheat germ extract protects the skin against drying and provides improvement of its softness and elasticity. The wheat germs have an already proven balmy effect, and when it comes to hair treatment, this substance contributes to strengthening the hair, making it smooth, soft and shiny.

The product contains a conditioner, which makes combing easy and pleasant even for children with thick and curly hair.

Having a double effect, the product also ensures simple care of children’s skin and hair, entirely adjusted to their needs. After bathing the skin is tender and soft, and the hair is wavy and shiny.

The product is clinically tested.

200ML / 320ML / 400ML

Becutan shampoo and bath foam 2 in 1