Becutan protective children’s cream with zinc oxide

Helps the healing process of damaged parts of baby skin, primarily the parts prone to diaper rash resulting from the contact of the sensitive skin with the wetness and waste from the diaper. It is clinically tested that this product soothes the irritated and inflamed baby skin and it can be used from the very first day following birth.

  • Aloe vera extract - maintains the normal moisture and soothes the skin;

  • D-panthenol – regulates the moisture and protects the skin from the negative environmental factors, such as wetness and the waste from the diaper;

  • Zinc oxide – leaves a thin protective layer that keeps the skin surface dry, at the same time it prevents and soothes redness, rashes and the irritation of inflamed skin. It also has antioxidant properties.


Becutan protective children’s cream with zinc oxide