Becutan baby bath oil

Bathing is one of the everyday rituals pleasurable not only to babies but their parents as well. Care for baby skin which tends to be very dry, sensitive, irritable and particularly delicate, requires application of exceptionally mild products with pH 4-6, bathing lotions with moisture supplements and bath oils..

Endeavors to meet the needs of the most sensitive skin resulted in the development of a new formula for a product in the Becutan collection – bath oil primarily created for nourishment of dry and particularly sensitive baby skin. This product gently cleans and moisturizes the skin, softening and protecting it from irritation.


The Becutan bath oil formula is based on natural vegetable oils: soya oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil and olive oil. Extracts of these oils contain fatty acids – omega 3 and omega 6 that fall under the category of membrane-creating phospholipids, which implies that they help maintain the natural lipid balance of the skin and contribute to strengthening its protective function. Natural vegetable oils are easily absorbed in the skin, help improve its elasticity and soften it. Alongside fatty acids, it contains vitamin E as well, which has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects; vitamin A that maintains natural moisture of the skin and vitamin C, which improves the microcirculation as well as the exchange of nutrients in skin cells, leaving it smooth, soft and elastic.


Pour 5-10 ml of Becutan bath oil in bathing water (5-10 l) and stir it, making a milky emulsion for baby bath. No rinsing is necessary, simply wrap the baby in a towel and mildly tap it, so that any extra foam is absorbed. Vegetable oils will be absorbed in the skin, leaving it tender, soft and elastic, with no signs of dryness. Bathing is easy and simple, and one of the substances has a mild softening effect that makes hair combing easy. This product is not only recommended for babies and children, but also for adults with dry and sensitive skin.


Becutan baby bath oil