Becutan foaming bath product with chamomile

A mild product suitable for nourishing and protecting gentle baby skin even from the very first bathing experience.

Its pH value is adjusted to the pH value of healthy skin.

It contains Glyceryl oleat - a natural ingredient of the protective layer that infants are born with, therefore the “Becutan” foaming bath product with camomile helps preserve the natural protective function of the skin.

The combination of high-quality, natural and active substances prevents the skin from drying even when used frequently. Camomile prevents irritation of the skin and has soothing properties, D-panthenol regulates the moisture and together with the wheat sprout extract make the skin soft, fine and elastic.

  • It does not cause tears

  • It does not contain soap

  • It does not contain alcohol

    • The product is clinically and dermatologically tested and created in co-operation with dermatologists and paediatricians

  • It is recommended as a skincare product for sensitive skin for all ages


Becutan foaming bath product with chamomile