Becutan baby diapper barrier cream

Suitable for daily use as baby skincare, especially for the diaper area and parts with folds and creases. It has been clinically proven that it can be used from birth on due to its preventive action against irritations in the parts most prone to damaging, as a consequence of contact with moisture and waste from the diaper. Apply the cream on dry and clean skin at every change of diaper. Rub it lightly into the skin until fully absorbed. Paraben, dye and alcohol free.

Becutan Diapper Barrier Cream contains:

  • Vitamin A and vitamin B, which help maintain normal moisture of baby skin, making it soft and supple, while providing resistance to external factors;

  • Marigold oil extract, which soothes and regenerates skin.

  • Adjusted pH value;

  • Clinically tested.

50ML/100ML / 200ML

Becutan baby diapper barrier cream