Becutan baby changing pads

Becutan baby changing pads are simple and practical to use: They enable changing a diaper in hygienic conditions, at the same time protecting the surface on which the diaper is changed, or the surface on which the baby stays for a longer period; they make the play on the floor more comfortable, protect the child’s seat in the car and the baby carriage. The pads consist of an outer, absorbent protective coating and an exceptionally soft surface layer on which the baby is placed. The dimensions of Becutan changing pads (60 x 90 cm) ensure effective protection of the baby’s bed mattress when placed directly on the mattress, under the bedding.

The changing pads are practical to use in many everyday situations:

  • At every change of a diaper. Primarily, in order to ensure more hygienic conditions when changing a diaper (especially on the go), but also to ensure better comfort for the baby and to protect the surface on which the diaper is changed;

  • For more comfortable play on the floor, at the same time providing protection of the surface on which the toddler is playing;

  • In the car, for protection of the child’s seat from unwanted soiling;

  • When having a walk, to protect the baby carriage and when the baby should be laid down on a surface outdoors.


Becutan baby changing pads