Becutan children’s suntan collection

Becutan High Protection Sun Cream SPF 50, Becutan High Protection Sun Milk SPF 30

and Becutan Medium Protection Sun Lotion SPF 20 contain UVA+UVB filters that provide high protection of the baby skin against ultraviolet rays.

In addition to protection against the harmful effect of the sun, these products also nourish the skin.

They contain the following ingredients:

  • olive oil - hydrates the skin and prevents occurrence of rash

  • chamomile extract - protects the skin against irritation, has antibacterial effect and soothes the potential appearance of redness;

  • vitamin E - maintains the normal moisture of baby skin and makes it supple;

  • D-panthenol - hydrates the skin.

The products are clinically tested.

Method of application:

  • Apply on dry skin 15 minutes before sun exposure; reapply after swimming. Frequent application is recommended.

  • Caution!

One factor unit allows 10 minutes of sun protection.

Do not expose you body to direct sunshine during the period 12 noon to 4 pm (the ultraviolet rays are most intense in this period)

  • Babies and small children must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Becutan Sunscreen oil SPF 30

Becutan Oil SPF 30 ensures high protection of the delicate children’s skin from the harmful UV radiation during daily exposure to sun, especially in the summer.

The complex formulation of the oil is based on the use of high quality UV filters which absorb the UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

The innovative water-resistant formulation with carefully selected ingredients enables fast and easy absorption of the oil, but also gives the skin a pleasant, velvety feel without leaving a greasy glow on its surface. This oil enriched with vitamin E will ensure high protection of the children’s skin.

Becutan After Sun Milk

Becutan After Sun Milk is ideal for restoring skin moisture after sun exposure. It is quickly absorbed in the skin,

and its large water content moisturizes the skin intensely.

  • olive oil - makes the skin softer;

  • marigold oil - soothes and regenerates skin;

  • chamomile extract - has an antibacterial effect and soothes the potential appearance of redness;

  • D-panthenol - hydrates the skin.

Its content includes:

Clinically tested.

Method of application:

Apply on dry skin after sunbathing.

Becutan children’s suntan collection