Becutan newborn aqua pure wet wipes

Ensuring the health, cleanliness, and nourishment of a baby's skin is essential to its protection against impurities that come into contact with the skin. 

According to the latest recommendations from pediatricians, using wet wipes formulated with purified water is the recommended approach for maintaining daily hygiene and care of sensitive baby skin, particularly when frequent diaper changes are necessary while it is not possible for the skin to be cleansed with lukewarm, running water.

Becutan Newborn Aqua Pure wet wipes are composed of 99% purified water, thereby having a primary role in maintaining the daily skin hygiene of newborns. Their carefully selected alcohol-free formulation is suitable even for individuals with sensitive skin. The wet wipes are dermatologically tested, possess a neutral pH, and are incredibly gentle on the skin. 

They consist of 99% purified water.

Dermatologically tested.

Becutan newborn aqua pure wet wipes