Black Up After Sun Gel with cooling effect

Soothes and tones the skin after sunbathing. Contains menthol, oat extract and aloe vera extract.

Menthol is a monoterpene, for which it has been confirmed that has an effect on the nerve endings by activating TRPM8 protein, known as the cold receptor, thus ensuring a pleasant cooling sensation after its application.

Oat extract contains beta-glucan, which creates a thin film on the skin, but simultaneously penetrates its deeper layers, thus providing the necessary moisture, while the proteins it contains maintain its natural barrier.

Aloe vera extract is a rich source of vitamins (A, B6, C, E) and minerals ( Mg, Zn, Na, Cu, K) which stimulate collagen production, which helps repair the damaged skin.

It absorbs quickly without greasing the skin and clothes.


Black Up After Sun Gel with cooling effect