Black Up Suntan milk SPF 15

A combination of UVA and UVB filters, oils, vitamin E and D-panthenol.

Ensures long-lasting protection of your skin during sunbathing and prevents irritation, sunburns, and skin drying, while making your skin soft and supple.

This combination of ingredients creates a light, hydrating emulsion, which is easily applied by spraying.

The built-in filters ensure medium protection (SPF 15) from the harmful effect of UVA and UVB rays during sunbathing.

Vitamin E enhances skin hydration, which is essential in summer. With its antioxidant effect, it also takes part in neutralizing the harmful free radicals, thus protecting the skin from premature aging.

Contains a combination of oils which act as emoilents (softeners), improving skin elasticity.

D-panthenol, due to its humectant properties, prevents excessive loss of skin moisture during sunbathing.

  • Dermatologically tested.

  • For all skin types. Not recommended for fair-skinned persons who are more susceptible to sun burn.

  • Water resistant.

Method of application: Apply evenly on the skin several times during sunbathing and after swimming.


Black Up Suntan milk SPF 15